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Gareth Bilton

Originally from North Wales, my love of the natural world and interest in learning a more natural approach to increasing wellness led me to change the direction of my life and become a mature student. I subsequently moved to London to study Complementary Medicine and Naturopathy. 

My great passion for helping others to adopt a natural, naturopathic approach to health and for providing holistic therapies gained me a First Class honours degree with an award for best overall performance for the final year of the degree.

The premier level of training and education I have received through University has developed me into a highly skilled therapist. My in-depth understanding of the human body and disease processes ensures that the root causes of any imbalances are targeted through the therapies I am skilled in. 

All naturopathic treatment plans are supported by scientific research; validating their therapeutic benefits. They are professionally delivered and individually tailored to best support you in increasing your vitality and achieving your health goals. 

As a Naturopathic Physician and health professional, I am more than happy to work collaboratively with your GP and other health practitioners to help provide you with optimum health-care. 


BSc (Hons) Naturopathy

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"I had a major issue with my ankle and was in a lot of pain. I went to see Gareth and by the next day the pain had stopped. 

Highly recommended" 

C Collins

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